Saturday, June 24, 2023

Aya Metwalli & Calamita - Al Saher [Zehra 009]

Released via the continuously growing Zehra label on May 19th, 2k23 is "Al Saher", the latest collaborational project brought to life by the Lebanese band project Calamita in cooperation with Egyptian, yet currently Beirut-based, singer Aya Metwalli which comes at us with a total of four tracks rolled out over a total length of roughly 38 minutes. Together, the bunch of artists fuse a classical Rock band set up with subtle electronic textures, bringing forth a fascinating amalgamation of experimental, hypnotic Desert PostPunk, droning guitars and beautifully floating vocals paired with full on experimental drum workouts reminiscent of doomed PostRock for post-apocalyptic settings, heavy guitar distortions, thundering and x or fever'ish ritualistic rhythms whilst the title track "Al Saher" fully indulges in slightly twangy PostRock minimalisms, crackly atmospheres and vocal layerings partly evoking faint memories of Fatima Al Qadiri's one-off project named Ayshay for one reason or another. Defo an excellent release you need to check out if bands like Eyeless In Gaza, Village Of Savoonga or C Cat Trance do ring a bell or have a place sitting in your hand-picked collection of extraordinary music.

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