Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Werner Dafeldecker & Valerio Tricoli - Der Krater [Room40 Promo]

Released via the Australian imprint that is Room40 on June 9th, 2k23 is "Der Krater", the latest collaboration between long standing Austrian artist and composer Werner Dafeldecker and Palermo-born electronic musician Valerio Tricoli. Split in two parts and rolled out over a total of 32 minutes playtime "Krater" opens with a set of crackly atmospheres and plucked, probably slowed down bass improvisations as a foundation for sparse harmonic pads and slowly morphing electronic sounds turning into brooding, deeply melancholic and slightly maritime DarkAmbient of a well haunted an unsettling nature, later followed by tectonic low frequency movements and eerie sweeps in the first part whilst its rumbling, washed out and haunting successor seems to fully build its nerve-wrecking and mind-numbing effect on extreme tape speed manipulation of already pre-recorded sequences which slowly fade and decay away into sweet nothingness at the very edge of the audible spectrum. One for the avantgarde informed listerner, this.


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