Friday, June 16, 2023

Autorhythm - Songs For The Nervous Systems [Thanatosis Produktion 023]

Another addition to the ever growing catalogue of the label that is Thanatosis Produktion, the May 12th, 2k23 released album debut by Swedish producer Joakim Forsgren who is operating under the name of Autorhythm for this six tracks and 36 minutes spanning album affair. Influenced by his own Parkinson's diagnosis and a bunch of medical research on how frequencies and frequency spectrums of many kinds might affect the body on a cellular level Forsgren a.k.a. Autorhythm employs a series of pre-MIDI synths and other instruments to create an surprisingly club-oriented longplay piece for the otherwise more experimentally oriented imprint, starting with the pumping, slightly psychedelic MinimalHouse cut named "Clairvoyance" which is accompanied by occasional large scale vintage synth cascades whereas the "Doom Variations" bring on some killer Electro x Acid Phonk for most advanced late night dancefloors whilst "Neurotrophic Factos" provide a beautifully deep and synthetic Downtempo x TripHop x Electronica fusion. Furthermore we see "Plasticity" indulging in floating synth melodies, hypnotic modulations and an overall (Neo)Cosmic feel which finds its, more broken and more Krautrock-infused, atmospheric continuation in the ever meandering "Intercellular Communication" before the closing cut "Substantia Nigra" dives even deeper into full-on Krautrock territories for a well fascinating grand finale. Highly recommended.

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