Sunday, July 09, 2023

Notstandskomitee - The Doomsday Layout [Block4]

Released via the long-standing experimental music outfit that is Block 4 on June 2nd, 2k23 is "The Doomsday Layout", the latest longplay workout cooked up by the labels head honcho Malte Steiner under his artistic nom de guerre Notstandskomitee which first appeared on the album circuit all the way back in 1992. Now back with a menu of 16 tracks rolled out over a total runtime of roughly 74 minutes Mr. Steiner presents a wide-ranged selection of music produced between 2009 and 2023, partly created on self-built or at least modified synthesizers as well self-developed software which are a big part of Notstandskomitee's trademark sound. Opening with the surprisingly melodic, yet deeply bass driven and well complex cut "The Writing On The Wall" we're drawn right in to the center of advanced, Electro-, IDM- and Bass Music-informed late night dancefloors whereas the subsequent "Umspannwerk" leads the way into fascinatingly raw The Hague-style Electro goodness. Furthermore cuts like "Threat Actor" bring forth a sci-fi-leaning take on futuristic, glitched out ElectroPhonk for adventurous DJs, "The Logic Of War"'s gnarly sawtooth vibes hit art on Industrial x Rhythm Industrial dancefloors, "Alarmierende Zustände" explores the grey area between MinimalTechno and WonkyTechno, the ingeniously titled "Watch People Reacting To The Music Of Notstandskomitee" presents expertly arranged layerings of fast-paced, futuristic and carefully sculpted mid-range polyrhythms alongside a brooding, unsettling low end whereas "Weltmarktführer" brings on warped and twisted Industrial music for an imminent apocalypse, accompanied by fragile, yet somewhat hopeful atmospheric synth pads just to name a few. Good stuff. Recommended.


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