Friday, June 30, 2023

Grgur Savic - Vortex 001 [Aut Records 095]

Aut Records is back on a vinyl tip with "Vortex 001", the debut album by the Grgur Savic-led Vortex ensemble comprised of the Berlin-based composer alongside Brad Henkel, Matheus Jardim and Ivar Boban Krizic. With their June 21st, 2k23 released firstling the quartet caters an eleven tracks spanning journey into sound based on a foundation of alto sax, trumpet, drums, bass, scalanca and objects, paying homage to the playful, yet explorative nature of what the untrained ear probably would refer to as old time, probably 60s-leaning Jazz whilst bouncing off of this vibe in a well creative and contemporary manner, providing room for extensive solos and ever meandering interaction between the players invlvd whilst, especially in pieces like the deep and minimalist nocturnal cut that is "Adega", the microtonal affair that is "Fujita Prime", the meditative, slightly ritualist skit that is "Zhar" or the FreeJazz x Improv vibes of "Common Trains" catering to the needs of the more contemporary and slightly avantgarde leaning Jazz aficionado of today. If that's you, you know what to do. Go check.


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