Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Prochno - P3 [Gusstaff Records Promo]

Released via the famed and ever active Polish label Gusstaff Records on June 30th, 2k23 is "P3", the third full length album on the imprint - and ever recorded... - by the trio that is Prochno. Still comprised of its founding members Marcel Gawinecki, Bartosz Lesniewski and Artur Sofinski in 2k23 the group caters a seven tracks and roughly 33 minutes spanning sonic menu which perfectly compliments the sound of their 2019 debut studio album in terms of hard-hitting bleakness and desolate, yet hypnotic repetetiveness from the very first moments of the opening cut "Zmierzch" onwards subsequently followed by the raw and intense tribal war drums of "Idzie Postac" as well as the animalistic wall-of-noise excess that is "To Nie Ja". Furthermore we see "Spluwa" bringing forth a new take on highly creepy Vault Metal from an ork infested part of the upside down, the short interlude that is "Nikt Nie Jest Winny" offers nothing but bleak atmospheric textures whereas "Oredzie" sees the band in full on washed out Doom Hardcore mode before the concluding cut "Powtarzam" ultimately harks back to the concept of apocalyptic war music. This is heavy shit. Do not play to children or other weak-hearted folks for more than one reason.


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