Thursday, August 03, 2023

Inger Hannisdal - Free Folk [Fiol Records]

Released via Fiol Records on June 2nd, 2k23 is "Free Folk", the latest album outing by Norwegian violin player Inger Hannisdal who, over the course of roughly 29 minutes playtime, caters a menu of eight brand new solo compositions on this one. These pieces see Inger Hannisdal, despite her instrument of choice being the violin, quasi-emulating the more raw, oftentimes slightly off-kilter sonic aesthetics of the traditional hardanger fiddle, referencing both the naturalistic, innate melancholia of rural Nordic Folk songs of yore as well as elements of Modern Classical composition, probably especially prevalent in the scraping bowing techniques of "Space" and the whirling, ever spiralling "River II / Turbines", which - at least in parts - would probably make a great, and contemporary, addition to the score of the next big medieval x fantasy oriented TV drama if one of the producers x writers invlvd in these in the big production studios would actually take the time to skim through the sonic treasures released far off the mainstream path every day.

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