Saturday, September 16, 2023

75 Dollar Bill - Power Failures [Karlrecords 108 Promo]

Released via the ever active Karlrecords label as their 108 on August 25th, 2k23 is "Power Failures", the latest album outing by the prolific duo known as 75 Dollar Bill - originally intended and put out on the circuit as intermediate Bandcamp only release digitally but now available as an official 2LP vinyl set. Catering a menu of seven, oftentimes well extended pieces over the course of 78 minutes the core duo, plus a bunch of contributing artists and guest musicians, goes on an deep dive into what could be described as an amalgamation of droning PostRock, Desert Blues and ever meandering Krautrock structures from the very opening bars of "Power Failure #2" onwards whilst later progressing into twangy, slightly off-kilter and loop-based OffCountry meets AfroFunk instrumentals, deep tribal-infused DesertKraut episodes for dreamstate sunsets, esoteric, hovering flute meditations with a slightly ritualistic angle pointing towards Southern Asia vibewise and even fever'ish oriental melancholia in cuts like "∞WZN / Montreiul / Gcona / In The..." to just provide a rough layout of what you might be getting yourself into with this album which is a deep one for sure.


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