Monday, September 11, 2023

Hilde Marie Holsen - Ediacara [Pelun 001]

Released via the freshly launched Pelun label as their 001 on August 18th, 2k23 is "Ediacara", the latest album by Norwegian trumpet player Hilde Marie Holsen. Over the course of three extended pieces and a total playtime of 34+ minutes Hilde Marie Holsen once again follows her ventures into highly experimental and avantgarde trumpet improvisations, enhanced by in situ electronic processing and intervention, taking inspiration - and track names - from three subsequent epochs in the planets development multiple hundred million years ago. Opening with the albums title track Holsen caters a longing and deeply melancholia-infused journey into Ambient Jazz x Future Jazz territories accompanied by sparse atmospheric crackles and surface noise resembling textures as well as slowly swelling Dark Ambient dronage and a surprisingly uplifting climax subsequently followed by the scenic, large scale panoramic angle of "Kambrium" which follows a slightly similar compositional approach at first, yet drifts off into the eerie outerdimensional realms of (Neo)Cosmic, with its high frequency sound cascades cutting through the dark like laser beams. Furthermore "Ordovicium" reflects a, despite still experimental, traditional take on trumpet performance with longing, romantic Ambient Jazz melodies freely meandering in the back end of the tunes overall mixdown, slightly subdued by ever present Ambient haze and a maelstrom of nervously grinding, rasping quasi-percussive - or better: quasi-rhythmic - textures and, finally, an intense crescendo of noisy layers before closing on a calming and peaceful note. Nice one.

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