Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Ard Bit - Field Recordings 04: Balkans [self-released]

Coming in straight from the Netherlands only recently is "Field Recordings 04: Balkans", the latest, July 5th, 2k23 released album by Ard Bit, a continuous project run by Dutch artist Ard Janssen. Over the course of seven tracks and 21 minutes Janssen amalgamates a plethora of oftentimes washed out, cut up or otherwise unidentifiable fragments of Field Recordings with experimental electro-acoustic treatments and x or classic Ambient structures, resulting in a fascinating set of Deep Listening Music surely influenced by Musique Concrete and probably early tape experiments featuring highlights such as "Vervloekte Bergen" with its somewhat unsettling nocturnal ambience evoking memories of nights out spent alone in deep dark forests, the unscathed Field Recordings of "Barbed Wire" layered atop of classic Scanner-reminiscing Ambient x IDM movements and scraping mechanical quasi-rhythms as well as the chiming, meditative peaceful rural naturalism of "Krave" just to pick out three favorites here. Recommended.

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