Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Lotto - Axolotl [Gusstaff Records]

Scheduled for release via the Polish label Gusstaff Records on September 29th, 2k23 is "Axolotl", the first of two - probably very contrary - albums by the trio named Lotto which are supposed to appear on the circuit on the same day. Serving a total of 13 tracks over the course of 35 minutes and with the raw layout for the album already sketched in the second half of 2k21 the band provides quite an insight into their state of mind at the time coming back from a failed tour and going through the inevitable mental aftermath of such an occurrance, building their sound from an array of electronic instruments in combination with electric guitar and oftentimes filtered or heavily processed drums. This sonic approach results in an intense, almost claustrophic mixture of doomed Industrial and Illbient-infused PostRock built upon hypercompressed, overpowering low-end pulses which put any form of contemporary Bass Music to shame, garnished with minimalist Industrial Electronics, air-raid sirens, Plunderphonics-informed collage techniques, grinding slow motion beats which evoke memories of material once cooked up by Spooky The Subliminal Kid, Ice or other like-minded producers for Mille Plateaux' "Electric Ladyland"-series with especially "Middle Names" bringing to mind tunes like Slotek's claustrophobic masterpiece "Electric Soul Controller" whilst the subsequent cut "South Of The Sun" features surprisingly airy and ethereal, yet slightly eerie female non-vocalisms whereas "Room" even seems to be dabbling with subdued DarkJazz of doom to provide a rough layout of what is happening on this album. Excellent and highly recommended - yet not to be played to those suffering from anxiety, depression and similar conditions. Listener discretion is advised.


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