Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Flocks - s/t [Zehra 010]

Released via the Berlin-based Zehra label on August 25th, 2k23 is "Flocks", the self-titled album debut by the duo of the same name which is comprised of Uli Hohmann and Werner Durand. Over the course of three pieces and a tital playtime of approx. 43 minute the duo explores the sonic possibilities of a variety of self-built and self-invented instruments alongside electronics and conventional instruments of both the Western and World Music realm to create a droning, immersive and highly captivating soundscape somewhat reminiscent of groups like the seminal Moritz Von Oswald Trio or Ambient- / ChillOut-leaning releases by Zombie Zombie, bringing forth fever'ish Tribal rhythms alongside glistening intense atmospheres and a general feel of extreme alertness paired with longing, EthioJazz-infused Jazz sequences, deeply nocturnal (Ethno)Ambient x DarkJazz fusion cuts as well as distinct Downtempo vibes in the concluding track named "The Hunter" which brings closure to a well hypnotic debut that's highly recommended for late night listening session. Go check.

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