Tuesday, September 19, 2023

JP Inc. - Massage & Spa [Rope Worm 002]

Scheduled to be put out on the circuit - again - via the relatively fresh Warsaw-based Rope Worm label on October 6th, 2k23 is "Massage & Spa", the 10 tracks and roughly 58 minutes spanning album debut by John-Peter Hasson's JP Inc. project. Originally released as a digital bandcamp-only affair the limited to 300 copies CD edition lives up to the promise of catering '...the soundtrack to millions of massages worldwide...' as stated on the back of the album, catering an amalgamation of soft singular piano tone repetitions, tweeting and chirping birds and hovering, airy, pad-heavy atmospheres, all falling together in a pillowing, partly kitsch-y manner to create an overcomforting, hyperfriendly Ambient tapestry sitting right in between classic New Age muzak and EsoAmbient, in parts layered upon an earth-shaking, yet all embracing low end foundation especially prevalent in pieces like "Wet Pebbles In A Bowl" whereas "Warmed Towels" provides a time-dissolving and offensively un-offensive ever spiralling score for unending heavenly pleasures. Furthermore "Hair & Scalp" seems to be the sonic equivalent of elves frolicking across lush green pastures in ultra slow motion, "Privacy" even touches base with ultraminimalist glacial Dark Ambient, the "Sterilized Headrest" exemplifies Space Ambient greatness for 2k23 and "Shoulders" turns out to be as calm and heavenly as Ambient can ever get, presenting rising harmonies alongside a soothing backdrop of pouring rain just to name a few. Excellent stuff, this.


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