Saturday, September 30, 2023

Malo Moray & His Inflatable Knee - Atolls [Possibly Sam]

Coming in from Leipzig these days is "Atolls", the new, September 19th, 2k23 released, album by Malo Moray & His Inflatable Knee. Put out on the circuit in a variety of versions, the one we're referring to being a limited to 222 copies black double vinyl version with accompanying cassette, art prints and individually screen printed cover artwork, "Atolls" caters a set of five extended compositions, with three of them obviously spanning an entire side of the album, all following the conceptual idea of layered improvisation with individual tracks, instruments and contributions recorded by all artists invlvd seperately, without ever meeting or playing in the same room at the same time as a band x ensemble or whatever you might call it. The result of this curious approach takes the listener on a journey ranging from the soft, lush and billowing Ambient of the opener "Replying To Unaddressed Letters" which would be a suitable fit for labels like the Greek imprint Sound In Silence to the glistening PopAmbient paired with meandering Post-PostRock movements of "The Clouds, They Move So Slow" before making way for enchanted naturalist Ambient spiked with Field Recordings via the rural Nordic Folk influences of "The Trees, They Grow So Slow" and the whispered, yet a little exaggerated Spoken Word mysticsm of the concluding "Tiny Objects Float Through Space In Elliptic Patterns" completed by the additional cassette track that is "Waiting For The Wood Glue To Dry" which obviously is the most improvised (Dark)Jazz-leaning cut on this album by far. We'd call this organic Deep Listening Music for experienced listeners with an additional and unannounced surprise hidden on the second side of the cassette tape.


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