Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Zeitkratzer & Reinhold Friedl - Scarlatti [Zeitkratzer Productions / Karlrecords]

Put out on the circuit via Zeitkratzer Productions in collaboration with Karlrecords on September 22nd, 2k23 is "Scarlatti", the latest album by long standing composer and piano player Reinhold Friedl and his Zeitkratzer ensemble which are presenting a menu of six compositions based on and inspired by a certain piano sonata written by Domenico Scarlatti who lived from 1685 to 1757. Over the course of a total runtime of 45 minutes the album starts from a sonic angle provided by intense, klaxon'esque and slightly washed out drone pulses interrupted by periods of silence, working their way through winding harmonics and careful deviations from the intended path giving off a DarkAmbient-leaning vibe for frosty late fall evenings, progresses into caressing piano minimalisms of enchanted qualities followed by disturbingly cold Industrial Noize arrangements, ambient'esque Minimal Music based upon singular piano tones and subdued atmospheric dronings, further dense large scale panoramic, yet slightly off-kilter ensemble arrangements before finishing on stripped down, slightly melancholia-inducing romanticisms in the 10+ minutes spanning closing piece that is "Aster". A lovely listening experience, even for those who haven't ever heard of the musical works of Domenica Scarlatti.

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