Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Ruiqi Wang - Subduing The Silence [Orchard Of Pomegranates]

Released via the Montreal-based label collective Orchard Of Pomegranates on October 27th, 2k23 is "Subduing The Silence", the full length album debut by Hangzhou / China-born and now Montreal-based composer x vocalist Ruiqi Wang. Over the course of 36 minutes and a total of eleven compositions, eight of her own and a triple take on the ancient Chinese song "Xiang Leng Jin Ni" sporting 11th century lyrics by Qingzhao Li, Wang alongside the four piece Craft Ensemble and further contributing guest musicians offers a unique musical perspective incorporating both Chinese Tradional Music and poetry alongside Modern x Contemporary Classical angles and the expressive, strongly Avantgarde Jazz-trained voice of her own vocal performance which especially shines in the tender, frolicking, yet fully non-vocal expressions of "A Letter To L", paired with late night Jazz pianos and beautiful, old time romantic string arrangements whilst "A Descent Of Lilies", carried by a distinct and highly present upright Jazz bass foundation brings forth the a way more dramatic, dense and ever climactic variation of Ruiqi Wang's sonic spectrum which, in some way, even harks back to female traditions of bands like The Slits or Bitch Band No. I whereas "Dream Of The Pines" indulges in deep piano romanticisms and longing vocals before "Fragments For Subduing The Silence" even seems to pay homage to Spoken Word-legends like Ursula Rucker just to name a few. Defo an album for shared late night listening sessions, this.

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