Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Thin Edge New Music Collective / Linda Catlin Smith - Dark Flower [Redshift Records]

Fresh on the circuit via the Canadian Redshift Records label is "Dark Flower", the November 10th, 2k23 released longplay outing which sees the Thin Edge New Music Collective perform a series of compositions by Toronto-based composer Linda Catlin Smith. Over the course of 64 minutes the closest of the multiple collaborations between the performing chamber ensemble and the composer to this date is comprised of the commissioned main piece as well as three previously unrecorded works by Smith alongside others and provides a deep overall insight into the tender and oftentimes melancholia-driven world of Linda Catlin Smith, from the scenic, nocturnal piano meets violin arrangements of "Wanderer" which evokes memories of French film noir to the cascading elegies and beauteous piano motifs of the 26 minutes spanning title piece as well as the almost romantic solo piano sound of the concluding "Unbroken, For Howard Skempton". One to check for the avid collector of Modern Classical x Contemporary Classical music.

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