Sunday, December 24, 2023

L. Petitgand + Scanner + Geins't Nait - Et Il Y Avait [Ici D'Ailleurs / Mind Travels Series 019]

Put out on the circuit via the Ici D'Ailleurs sub- x sister imprint that is Mind Travels Series as their 019 is "Et Il Y Avait", the latest full length album collaboration between Laurent Petitgand, Geins't Nait and electronic music legend Robin Rimbaud a.k.a. Scanner. The follow up to their latest joint venture effort named "Ola" sees the trio catering a menu of ten new compositions rolled out over the course of roughly 48 minutes, opening from a surprisingly calm, warm and organic Ambient- x Indietronica- x Post-PostRock- x PopAmbient-leaning angle garnished with Mr. Rimbaud's trademark sample abuse which usually adds a somewhat unsettling feel of surveillance and claustrophobia even to the most heavenly and angelic harmonic layers whereas pieces like "Italia LP4" lead the avid listener straight into slighty swampy, brooding, bass-heavy and certainly DarkAmbient x IndustrialAmbient-informed territories before exploding into a fever dream of ancient retrofuturist ritualisms, the "Larsen Scan" is indulging deeper in grinding minimalist Electronica structures of a desolate, highly repetetive and mind-numbing quality, "Et Apres" even seems to be dabbling with echoes of echoes of a fairly decontructed DubTechno approach, "Italia Scan LP2", despite still being highly dramatic and Industrial-informed, provides a shimmer of hope and a silver lining at the far away horizon whilst the cold winter sun rises over scarred and trenched battle fields of the future, the "Hey Man Scan" is sending us way ahead into a future of space-faring robo-explorations and the final cut named "Picass LP1" and its stripped down atmospheres in combination with quasi-tectonic bass shifts and shimmering harmonies rounds things off as an ode to the vastness of the yet unexplored cosmos just to name a few favorites here. Excellent work. Highly recommended, this.

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