Monday, February 12, 2024

Voices Of The Cosmos - De Revolutionibus MMXXIII [Gusstaff Records / Eter Records]

Another fresh longplayer put out on the circuit via Gusstaff Records, this time in collaboration with Eter Records, on February 9th, 2k24 is "De Revolutionibus MMXXIII", the fifth full length studio album conceived by Rafal Iwanski and Wojciech Zieba under their conjunctional sonic moniker that is Voices Of The Cosmos. Rolled out over the course of roughly 45 minutes the album caters a set of nine brand new tracks created with the help of and major contributions by Torun-based Piotr Zuralski and Szymon Swarc, both well recognized and fully fledged artists in their own respective rights, and focuses on the concept of building tracks off of a set foundation of astronomical audio data used as source material for extended modular processing. The result is, probably expectedly, as vast and cold as the cosmos itself, starting from the ever spiralling Space Ambient movements of the opening cut "Ylem" subsequently followed by the expertly sculpted Electronica x IDM structures of the title track which could easily work late night crowds on Rhythm Industrial dancefloors as well whereas "Electromagnetic Pulse" provides sluggish, crackly and well eerie polyrhythms in slo-mo mode, meandering in both tempo and dynamics whilst being backed by scientific atmospheres and raw, yet curious, playful and uplifting Acid-infused modulations - an overall combination falling together as a fascinating take on fever'ish Space Tribal for fully substance-infused ChillOut areas. Furthermore "Cosmic Structures" is going back to almost classic space drones and spatial percussive grooves hidden deep in the very back of the overall mix before an extremely present stoic 4/4 bassdrum takes away a bit of the tunes overall magic, "Degeneres Res" even provides a deep and well cinematic (Neo)Cosmic episode whereas the swampy and captivating Future Tribal-infused ChillOut vibe of "Planet Zero" seems to be as elusive as the so-called 'planet nine' in contemporary cosmology. Following up is "Gravitational Collapse", weighing in a surprisingly maritime melody over a sparse rhythmic backing accompanied by what could be clicking, radioactivity detecting Geiger counters, "Apeiron" brings forth more of a classic, brittle, slightly frosty and time dissolving take on Space Ambient and the final cut that is "Cold Dark Matter" dives even deeper into cold intergalactic atmospheres for a closing. If you are familiar with projects like Axiome and x or producers like Lagowski and especially his S.E.T.I. project this one surely will be a worthwhile addition to your collection. Go check.

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