Sunday, March 17, 2024

Czarnoziem - Socha [Gusstaff Records]

Set for release via the Polish Gusstaff Records label on March 22nd, 2k24 is "Socha", the latest, five pieces and roughly 47 minutes spanning, album conceived by Dawid Dabrowski and Michal Gizycki under the roof of their shared sonic alias that is Czarnoziem. Combining the sounds of a modular synth set up with bass clarinet and saxophone the duo opens with the ever floating, yet raw, granular and nocturnal "Substancje Smoliste" which combines carefully executed FutureJazz tonalities with slow moving low end drones and crackly surface noises, working its way up to ear-piercing heights at times whereas the subsequent "Zrywki Drew" follows in a similar, yet more subdued vein which results in a fusion of Deep Listening Music and minimalist, stripped DarkJazz for those who know. Furthermore "Ida Ostatni" fuses more hopeful and somewhat traditional Jazz improvisiations with gaseous, slightly claustrophobic (Dark) Ambient drones, "Pierunski Taniec" sees the two artists explore a well busy and intense maelstrom of screaming FreeJazz x FreeImprov and an atmospheric washed out modular backdrop of rather misty nature which surprisingly dies off into near silence before the closing cut that is "Nie Ma Co Gasic" provides a rather peaceful finish, serving an amalgamation of rumbling electronic textures and tender, almost longing, ruminant and somewhat romantic, ever meandering Jazz progressions. Rather interesting stuff which transcends beyond the regular realm of Jazz as a genre. Go check.


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