Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Phill Niblock - Looking For Daniel [Unsounds / Echonance Festival]

Released on February 2nd, 2k24 - shortly after the artists passing - as a joint venture effort between the long-standing Unsounds label and the Echonance Festival is "Looking For Daniel", a commemorative, roughly 45 minutes spanning album featuring two extended compositions x recordings by the late Phill Niblock. Opening with "Biliana", recorded at the famed Akademia Der Künstler in Berlin we see Biliana Voutchkova perform a 21+ minutes piece written for her on violin accompanied by her own voice, presenting a combination of glacial, timeless, slowly evolving drone works in resonance with hovering, sustained and ethereal non-vocalisms. Furthermore "Exploratory, Rhine Version, Looking For Daniel", an ensemble piece recorded at the very first iteration of the Echonance Festival in 2022, sees an atmospheric shift towards a slightly darker, brooding and ominous mood created by intricately intertwined drone layers atop of tectonic low end movements surely about to resonate with all fans and followers of Deep Listening Music, Avantgarde Ambient and similar genres. Highly recommended.

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