Monday, March 04, 2024

The Wreckery - Fake Is Forever [Gusstaff Records]

Scheduled for release via the ever active Polish label Gusstaff Records on March 22nd, 2k24 is "Fake Is Forever", the fourth, forthcoming and ultimately delayed longplayer cooked up by Australian band outfit The Wrreckery a staggering 35 - !!! - years after their last album release. Now back with a newly found maturity and nine brand new songs rolled out over the course of a total playtime of 40 minutes The Wreckery present a well hung fusion of sleazy DesertRock, ever present elements of PostPunk and clean-cut Rock'n'Roll with a dark and slightly ominous edge from the albums opener "Smack Me Down" to the tender and subsequent slow jam romanticisms of "The Devil In You" and the almost Lynch'esque roadtrip vibe of "Stole It From Alpha Ray" whereas "Get A Name" and "Evil Eye" are oozing noctural darkness and danger on dancefloors crowded with whirling and winding creatures of the night whilst the closing cut "Young People" even flirts with undeniably sexy PopRock for advanced late night listeners, cruising cougars and dedicated hunters for love. Defo a quality comeback after more than three decades. Go check.


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