Saturday, June 29, 2024

Anatoly Grinberg & Andreas Davids - Inspired By A Tragedy [Ant-Zen 453]

Put out on the circuit via the legendary Industrial and beyond imprint that is Ant-Zen on June 12th, 2k24 is "Inspired By Tragedy", the first fully flegded vinyl album collaboration by Russian-Israeli producer Anatoly Grinberg and Andreas Davids - also known as Xotox to many. Delivering their conjunctional debut release in the most intricate die-cut cover artwork we've seen in ages the two producers are catering a sonic menu of seven tracks on this one which turns out to be well worthy for a contemporary Ant-zen release, especially considering the labels massive back catalogue, spanning an ark from the icy atmospheres and complex Rhythm Industrial structures of the aptly named opener "The Beginning" to the earth shaking subs of "The Night" and its combination of brooding sci-fi sounds and somewhat uplifting, yet frosty string arrangements drawing inspiration from Minimal Music with their Reich'esque feel via the slow moving, slightly claustrophic Industrial Ambient x Illbient fusion turning into dancefloor friendly quasi-Techno of "It's Quiet Outside" whereas "We Are Awake" once again brings forth killer bass movements at the lower end of the audible spectrum, this time paired with elastic Electronica signatures, more glacial strings, even chiming pianos and a surprisingly calm and peaceful attitude. Furthermore the flipside offers "Voices From The Future", an atmospheric fusion of strangely off-kilter harmonics and rattling, yet subdued beat structures which probably would make up for a proper last track to play on a Hardcore / Industrial Hardcore floor even which is followed by the heavy, dancefloor smashing Rhythm Industrial slow jam of "The Silence Between Two Seconds", our favorite cut on the album, before the closing cut that is "The End" - obviously! - waves goodbye on a slightly frosty and almost brittle Ambient Electronica level. Quite a beautiful and highly recommended longplayer, this debut is.


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