Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Jeremy Gignoux - Odd Stillness [self-released album]

Sometimes major disruptions might lead to new creative perspectives. This one's defo true for "Odd Stillness", the newest self-released longplay offering by Calgary's Jeremy Gignoux, violinist by trade yet turned conceptual composer due to a nerve injury which rendered him unable to play and perform his instrument for an extended period of time. With the idea in mind of each piece on this album consisting of one note only, performed by one performer only, yet recorded, arranged and put together in a multi-track fashion with only Gignoux and his co-producer being able to hear and listen to all of the tracks before presenting the full body of work to the entire cast of collaborators the theoretical setting automatically leads to an assumption of Minimal Music whilst the result brings forth dreamy layers of Classical movements, stripped down arrangements of plucked bass strings alongside sustained, yet also subdued atmospheres, longing, intertwining drones, stripped down Jazz rhythms, Avantgarde-infused vocal performances as well as raw, nocturnal and foreboding string pulses in "Brustred feat. Mark DeJong" which might be our favorite cut on the album - all laid out over the course of seven pieces and a total duration of approx. 47 minutes. Defo something different within the world of Modern and Contemporary Classical music.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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