Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Pablo Diserens - Turning Porous [Forms Of Minutiae 011 Promo]

Released on May 31st, 2k24 via the Avantgarde label known as Forms Of Minutiae is "Turning Porous", the latest album conceived by producer, artists and field recordist Pablo Diserens who, on the occasion of the publication and exhibition "On Becoming Amphibian", provides us with a set of compositions based on Field Recordings of amphibian wildife and its natural as well as un-natural a.k.a. man-made surroundings in the Spanish region of Galicia. Following the conceptual idea of '...merging with the local amphibian communities...' as laid out by the accompanying press sheet Diserens opens with the hyperminimalist and spatially spread high frequency bleeps of "Alytes" seemingly backed by dogs barking in far distance almost drowning at the very back of the overall mix whereas the "Riparian Zone" adds what seem to be chirping insects and droning midrange electronics to the mix whilst the expressive close-up croaking and chirping of "Herpetophonics: Pondering" rather reminds us of primordial or alien swamps than an actual place located somewhere in Europe. Furthermore "Permeable Skin", our favorite cut on this album, weighs in floating, yet slightly fluttering harmonic Ambient drone layers of a rather time defying nature, the subsequent "Herpetophonic: Arousal" defo is a multi voice concerto of amphibians in heat before "Mirage In Motion" explores an amalgamation of what probably could be subdued ancient flute tones and ever shifting wind blowing over from afar for a closing. One for the dedicated fan of Field Recordings and Deep Listening Music.


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