Sunday, June 16, 2024

ükya - We Come For An Experience Of Presence [Nakama Records 025]

Released via the Norwegian Nakama Records label on April 29th, 2k24 is "We Come For An Experience Of Presence", the six tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning album debut by ükya, a trio comprised of Emil Bø, Kristian Enkerud Lien and Michael Lee Sørenmo on trombone, guitar and drums respectively. With its titles subsequently named "One" to "Six" and with several of them being split into additional sub-sections the entire longplayer was recorded throughout an extended one day studio session in April of 2022 which sees the artists invlvd embarking on an Improv-driven journey into the realms of subdued, yet highly detailed fragmented echoes of what could be described as Avantgarde Jazz, seemingly even incorporating Field Recordings and FoundSound in highly minimistic pieces like "Two" whilst the repetetive minimalist nature of "Three" even seems to be referencing the most sparsely executed PostRock possible at times whereas other pieces fully embed themselves into whatever sonic ambience the listener is surrounded by and sometimes even feature extended periods of (near) silence between tonal events. Defo one for fans and followers of both Avantgarde and Minimal Music of sorts and hardly ever really touching base with genres like Jazz on rather obvious level.

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