Sunday, June 30, 2024

Zerschmetterte Hoffnung - Ewige Verzweiflung [Dangerous Diskettes 017]

Another fresh one released as 017 of the Floppy Disk-focused label that is Dangerous Diskettes is "Ewige Verzweiflung", the first ever sonic outing cooked up by Zerschmetterte Hoffnung. Put out on the circuit as a hyper-limited edition of eight - !!! - hand-numbered copies only this release offers a journey into reverberating, well haunting and atmospheric Lo-Fi Black Metal sporting ghastly vocal utterings seeping through from the interdimensional outerworld whilst the tunes super raw guitars seem to pay homage to the early days of the genre with their overall distorted, yet well driving and in parts even classic arrangement. One for the dedicated fans and followers of the super niche within an already niche genre.


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