Thursday, May 26, 2005

Just another schedule update

Well, it's been a while since I've been spinning a proper clubset in my hometown of Hamburg/Germany due a quite busy work- and dj-schedule, but june sees my playing here twice. The first party...

...takes place on June 3rd in a small but nice venue underneath the Hotel Imperial @ the infamous Reeperbahn right in the centre of Hamburg's redlight district.


baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]
wright & wright
wolfgang klette

Venue: Sujet / Reeperbahn 5 downstairs / Hamburg - Germany

Door: open 10pm / admission 5EU

And I'm going back to play another gig @ Hotel Lux / Berlin in - guess what? - less than 2 weeks. BO!

09.06.2005 S.I.N.D. @ hotel lux / berlin

aufbau friedrichshain / radio lux proudly announce:

*S.*I.*N.*D. (siberia is not disgusting)

_electronica_ambient-, intelligent &armchair techno_deepest detroit_

turntables: baze.djunkiii [intrauterin recordings / hamburg ]

pettenkofer strasse 4c (open the wooden door)
f-hain near sbahn frankfurter allee /berlin
10oo p.m. / 2.oo EU donation

Some additional notes on music:

Atlantic just put out a double-A-side promo of Missy Elliott's new tracks. A-Side sees Missy, supported by Ciara & Fatman Scoop, rappin' on a baaaad electro/booty bass riddim which also uses samples of Juan Atkins'/Cybotron's legendary track "Clear" from the mid-80's. Is good to see an established HipHop artist like Missy representin' a fusion of what once belonged together - HipHop & Electro is what I'm talkin' 'bout - in the early days of rappin', b-boyin' and breakdancin'. On the flipside The Neptunes come up with a really bleepy kind of bassheavy crunk riddim which should do well within' a grime set. Remember the instrumental of Ashanti's "Only U" ? That kind of stuff if you subtract the strings and melodic stuff.

Garage veteran's Sunship are on point again, backin' up Warrior Queen's "Almighty Father" on Casual with a hybrid mixture of heavy Dancehall and Grime. Four mixes to be found on this recommended 12" , three of them grimey as f*ck and one for the ladies rollin' the vocals out on a straight SpeedGarage-tune that is on a very positive tip and a bit cheesy as well.


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