Thursday, June 02, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 2

Intransigent Recordings are putting out their fifth release these days. A-Side is "Mad As Hell" , originally released on INTREC 002 and remixed by no one less than The Panacea which is coming up with a massive nervous stormer mixed up with an ultra-cheesy Hardtrance-melody. Guess this works on the floor and also with those Happy Hardcore ravers that usually don't brock out on a Drum'n'Bass floor. Arkon's "The Wired" on the flip is one for the very dark hours of the night, baaad mashup stuff but a bit tricky for people that do need a kind of melody or hook to ride upon a track as there is none. Compared to the last releases on Intransigent this 12" ain't that strong as "Steck der Zeiten" or "Schwarze Puppen" but still a high quality release anyway.

Hamburg based label Audiolith , known for crossing over between Electroclash, Synthpop kinda stuff and real bands, is doing a bit of incest with it's new 12" as there only remixes on it that have been done by Audiolith-associated artists for their comrades. Saalschutz takes care of The Dance Inc.'s "Looking like that" and sticks close to the great original version. The other way round it's The Dance Inc. vs. Saalschutz's "Tonight We All Gonna Die" plus two other tracks featuring reworks by Stina Galaxina and Hamburg's Wonderkind Christian Harder. Big fun and recommended for all freaked out Electroclash-headz with a sense of humour. NOT recommended for intellectual eggheads.

Also big up to DJ Maximus for releasing "The Underground Soldiers E.P." on New Confirmity Records 001. I'm not sure if it's the same person releasing as DJ Maxximus - double X'd - on Mental Groove although it might be as "The Underground Soldiers E.P." features a lot of Berlin-based or Berlin-associated artists and that is where the double X'd DJ Maxximus comes from, too. Anyway, there are the likes of Circuit Breaker, DJ Maximus, Frankie Bones and Johnny Fame collaborating on four tracks, revealing bassheavy Techno anthems, Chicago Basement bangers and some unheard fusion of techy beats and Grime athmosphere. This has the potential to be a future classic and has yet qualified to be one of my this months favorites.


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