Thursday, June 02, 2005

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt.1

Eminem's got a new single out on Shady Records which is now on promo circuit. It's called "Ass Like That" and pressed on clear vinyl - bigup to record companies that make efforts to make their promos look and feel a bit special. Of course that's kind of elite, VIP-treatment whatever but as a true vinyl addict I'm always up for special editions, colored vinyl, picture discs and shit. But back to music again: The beats are pretty slow, I even managed to put it in a mix as halftime break for a house-set at a friends' place some hours ago, so I guess it can't be faster than a max of 65 bpm but I'm too lazy to start beat counting now to prove that. The whole lyrics are a bit crazy - sounds like any stoned geezer making fun of various hysterical accents and wins while dropping the following lines.

"Mary-Kate & Ashley
used to be so handsome
now they getting older
they starting to go bum-bums"

I was laughing my head off at this and those few words are reason enough to let this records never leave my HipHop crates - at least not in the next 12 months. The whole tune's great though - a bit of oriental flava innit, too - , but shooting out at those two girls which I come across everytime I'm shopping at my local WalMart, and I'm talking WalMart Germany here, is rocking big time. Shoutz to Mr. Slim Shady! Btw - all TripHop/Downbeat geezers, just try the instrumental...

Flipsyde are having a new promo on Cherrytree Records / Interscope , too. Never came across 'em guys before, but "Someday" will do proper good work on a discotheque's dancefloor, mixing up rapped lyrics, HipHop beats and a more Rock-music like chorus - music- and vocalwise. Also they are adding some mediterranean guitar playing as well and the whole thing reminds me a bit of times in the early 90's when I was listening to bands like the old Such A Such and Blackeyed Blonde, Suicidal Tendencies, Sisters Of Mercy and others from the speakers of an old ghetto blaster while playing basketball, hanging out with a bunch of friends and drinking loads of beer... These days are gone by far and I've never been deep into rock music as I've been always listening to electronic dance music since I was eight, but when a track brings back those times for a few minutes I always have melancholy knocking at my door. Shortened down: I've no fucking clue where to play this tune but I simply love it for the reason that it's just touching my heart.


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That crap was funny as hell

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