Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Grime r_port vol. 4

Having used the term Grime Not Grime before for the new Buttercuts-12" and it also perfectly fits for another release from the commercial circuit. Try to get hold of a copy of Ciara featuring Ludacris' "Oh" on La Face Records and play the instrumental cut pitched up to +8 and get... a perfect opener for a Halfstep set. Not for the purists maybe but a nice one anyway.

Another track ready for a more commercial breakthrough is Aron Soul's "Oh No" which is out on whitelabel now under the catalogue number Marxmen 002. Funky Halfstep beats in combination with soulfoul male vox prove that Grime purists attitude and Digisoul lovers have at least something in common although not few people will deny that at this moment. If you not into vocals at all make sure you checked the instrumental.

Dexplicit launched his own label DXP Recordings recently and causes serious dancefloor destruction with its first release named "Da Real Hench E.P.". Maybe this is the most militant Grime 12" around these days featuring heavy stakkato beats and obscure rolls that also could be taken out of any miltary march music. 'eavy.

Slew Dem Productions inhouse producer Top Dolla comes up with the massive "Phantom Of Da Opera" Riddim on Slew Dem 006 that introduces sampled elements from the same titled musical to the audience. Apart from the instrumental cut there are two MC versions to be found on this 12" - Part 1 sees Rage and Wiley Jammer spittin' on top of the track while Part 2 has the whole lot of Rage, Shorty Smalls, Kraze, Chronik, Lex and Shorty & Esko providin' a bit of lyrical overdose. Watch out, this is gonna be huge!

Boka Records are dropping their first Various Artist E.P. after two releases of MarkOne and DJ Distance under the name of the "Low End Dubs E.P.". Slaughter Mob, Sound Proof Productions, Professor J-S and DJ Distance exploring fields of bassheavy athmospheric Dubstep and especially Professor J-S kills the place with a hypnotic, trancey bassline and 'orrible, soundtrack-flavored violin samples. If you're into Distance's "1 on 1 / Empire" on Hotflush you'll surely have a safe go on Professor J-S' tune. DJ Distance explores terrain of deep MythStep here by the use of some indian (???) vocal snippets while both Slaughter Mob and Sound Proof Productions reveal thrilling Dubstep business on this cool E.P. .

Talking Hot Flush it's gotta be mentioned that they've launched their new sublabel Scuba these days with a 12" written and produced by an artists of the same name. His tunes "Timba" and "Sleepa" fuse the sparse minimalism of halftime Dubstep and the melancholic sound aesthetics of early Detroit Techno. Completely different to all Hot Flush -records I came across before and listening to Scuba's definition of sound it becomes clear why there was another imprint to be launched for this special kind of sound. Future classic, so watch out for that.


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