Saturday, October 01, 2005

Longplay love v5.0

Catalogue number 011 of Pharmacom Records was released in september, featuring an excerpt of the musical work of Roman Olegov which he created from 2001 - 2005. His 2CD, one with twelve single tracks plus a bonus mixed CD, is called "After Calamity" and recommended to those being into deepest Ambient, Drones, Electroacoustics and further experiments in sound. Although his music is for sure of atonal structure it is not harsh, but of a calm and floating nature without any disturbing interruptions or noises - a good one to chill or relax to if one ain't into Easy Listening at all.

The project Speak With The Machines consisting of Sascha Müller and K. Mescher comes up with another longplay release on Super 6 Records named "Jamsessions". Don't get puzzled as their latest release on Pharmacom was entitled as "Secret Jamsessions Part 01-03" but this is a different one although they are dealing with a similar kind of music here. Once again the album is split in three parts within a total time of 50 minutes, providing live jammed cuts of experimental Electro / Electronica which work on the dancefloor - if experienced in a live context - as well as for homelisteners. If you've been appreciating the releases of the now defunct label Heimelektro Ulm Tonquellen in the late 90ies it's likely that you gonna be into the Speak With The Machines "Jamsessions", too, although they're a bit more dancefloor orientated than any of the former Heimelektro releases.

November 11th sees the release of "Music For Modern Living Blue" on Audiopharm, a double CD compiled by Lounge Records' DJ's Mellow & Rivera. Their unmixed selection covers a timespan from 1967 to 2005, including rare Soul classics as well as contemporary funk-flavored Break-/Downbeats, a variety of different music which is also found in their individual DJ-sets. Namedropping: Tom Jones, Skeewiff, Rivera Rotation , Barbara Lynn, Mark Rae, Boca 45, Quantic ft, Spanky Wilson, Malente, Pimp Daddy Nash and many more... Interesting stuff I'm able to recommend although it doesn't necessarily reflect my personal taste of music, but as there are not many compilations out these days featuring that many different stuff from various musical eras this is one to ask your local dealer for when it's coming out.


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