Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 13

D-Saw is back! Andre Winter & M. Hatzler, responsible for the massive 1996 HypnoTrance classic "Track 10:30", are coming up with their new single "Vanish" on Humate's Terrace Recordings soon, a slightly minimalistic, trancey ElectroHouse tune featuring Xenia Beliayeva on vocals which will do his duty on a groovin' early morning dancefloor. Flipside features a dub version plus a remix produced by Hamburg's Techno-pioneer Henry - remember Phax on Superstition 1994 or "One Nation Under One Housegroove" on the legendary Various Artist-compilation "St. Pauli Dance Core" ???

After a bit of absence from the label Vincenzo returns with a full 12" release on Steve Bug's Dessous Recordings, teaming up with upcoming producer Steve Ferrand for the double-A-side single "Things Like That / Love The Madness". Both tracks provide a warm thrilling athmosphere with oldskool Chicago'esque basslines influenced by the pre-Acid years when it was all about how to jack your body to the beats. Proper primetime business here, guess this'll keep the youngsters on the floor as well as driving the older clubbers on it. Guess this'll be fresh for years, one of those records not leaving my crates for a long time. BigUp!

Symbion's "Dream E.P." is 008 of Supersix, a storming three-track E.P. of 27 minutes length which brings back the flava of the good old '94 raving days to me. This needs a big - not big: huge!!! - warehouse packed with ravers, laserbeams, proper soundsystem and stuff. If you can relate to that era due to your own bodily experience - buy it. If you can't stand hypnotic Trance inna 93/94 style - leave it alone.


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