Sunday, October 23, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 14

Hirntrust Grind Media is a new label established on the Noise-/Experimental-circuit based in Ansfelden/Austria. Its first release is a quite limited - 290 pieces pressed up - 7" named "Ich Gegen Mich - Live Sessions 05", which is featuring two outtakes from the artists 1Bomb1Target live performances in Vienna. A-Side deals with a monstrous Noise/Dub-crossover while side B can be filed under Harshnoize vs. Break-/Speedcore power violence. Defo not the one to rinse out while dining with your new girlfriend, but great stuff for the headstrong... .

Nieder-Olm based Drum'n'Bass-imprint Intransigent Recordings have recently released their 6th 12" which features the 3rd sequel of the legendary uberhit "Schwarze Puppen", originally released on INTREC 004. The Panacea reworks and renames the infamous "Gebt sie mir wieder, meine schwarzen Puppen..."-vocals into a furious brockout called "Sohn Der Schwarzen Puppen" breaking up standard Drum'n'Bass-structures and crossovering towards 4-to-the-floor Hardcore and even Metal. Maybe the heaviest track around these days... . Flipside sees DJ G-I-S & Norman Wax teaming up for "Leatherface" which is kind of a dark roller with a ravey attitude, nice sawtooth bassline and some spooky vox samples, maybe cut out of CNN-news or sth. like that. Should work well on the dancefloor for those who aren't into the ultraviolent world of D'n'B represented by The Panacea on this 12".

Less violent music is released by Motown / Universal which have put a teaser-12" for their forthcoming "Motown Remixed"-album on the promo circuit recently. Edwin Stars anthem "War" is reworked by german producers Turntablerockers in two versions - RMX and Dub Mix -, which provide a nice House-flavored rework here that pays much respect to the original Motown-tune and is for sure the best track on this records. Unique's Ben Human takes care of Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrell's "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" on B1 and stays very close to the original Soul/Funk-vibe in his remix - a sureshot for those being to the likes of Frank Popp Ensemble and such. Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" also is retreated by a guy called DJ Smash - whoever that may be - but in a quite uninspired and boring way, so this one can be left alone and will not be the one tearing up the clubs dancefloors.


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