Friday, October 07, 2005

Longplay love v 6.0

The Torpedo Boyz, who have been tearing up BigBeat/Breaks-areas with their smashing debut 12" "Gimme A Bassline!" a while ago, see thier first longplayer released on Lounge Records on oct. 17th. Instead of compiling a good bunch of pure dancefloor tracks similar to their first two singles which are as well featured on the album named "Headache Music" for those who have been missing them for any reason, they decided to invite a whole lot of guest artists like AK 47, Serge Kool, Gil De Gil and others to their studio and design something different. Result? A fuckin' crazy party musically located between BigBeat/Breaks, song structures, chilled beat relaxation as well as loungy attitude and loads of organic Funk. You got friends that dislike electronic music? Play 'em this album and they'll think different.

Running time: 69 minutes. 00 seconds. Did they reach this by chance or on purpose? Talking "Boogie Angst" here which is the new album of the Netherlands-based Breakbeat-trio Kraak & Smaak which is to be out on Jalapaleno Records on nov. 11th. Known and loved for their special definition of BreakbeatPhonk by DJs like Chicken Lips, Pete Tong, Laurent Garnier plus others and - even more important - a permanently growing fanbase of consumers, DJs and party people for their releases and remixes, all off them heavily influenced by genres like HipHop, Funk, Jazz and ItaloDisco, fitting well for club as well as homelistening environments and revealing a tongue-in-cheek attitude, their first album does basicly the same what their 12"es provided. Maybe the brave followers will not need the whole CD as some of the tracks have already been out on vinyl I presume, but who ever danced to the sound of Kraak & Smaak without having decks at home will be more than happy to be able add this to his or her collection.


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