Thursday, November 10, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 16

A few days ago I felt quite surprised to find the new 12" of the german DancePop-act Schiller named "Die Nacht... Du Bist Nicht Allein" sitting in my P.O. Box as I opened the regular weekly promo packages. It was even more surprising to see him collaborate with Thomas D., successful solo-rapper as well as member of the german HipHop-pioneers Die Fantastischen Vier, and being remixed by well-respected acts like Moguai, Northern Lite and Decomposed Subsonic. Still there was little voices in my head saying like "Hey man, this is Pop. Pretty commercial stuff. You ain't going to like this...", but they went wrong. Proper big-room ElectroHouse, Thomas D.'s voice fits well into this musical context and actually the so-called "Fernsehfassung" (which is: TV Version), which is more like a SpokenWord meets Pop-thang rather than a clubtrack delivers proper 264 seconds of chill out without being cheesy. Yes, I do like that and I bet this 12" is gonna do a nice job to a party crowd as well.

Dessous Recordings has a new promo on the circuit announcing the release of forthcoming 057 "The Call" straight out of the studio of the duo Tanzmann & Stefanik which have been contributing a remix to DJ Fex' debut on Dessous Recordings 053 earlier this year. The title track is a quite stripped-down dry banger with a mid-nineties feel, slightly chicago-esque bassline and a thrillin' bass figure spreading good vibes all over the place. B1 features a so-called "Second Mix" of the main title which reveals a very deep mood and lost piano chords on top of laid back DeepHouse grooves and is a proper warmup- or late night-tool. Last not least we got "Tinkerbell" - dedicated to Paris Hilton's former doggy toy - on B2, a calm athmospheric tune and a blueprint for classic DeepHouse. Warm strings here, sparkling sounds there and a few slightly electro'esque (sound- not riddimwise!) percussion elements, deep groovin' bassline - y'all know the score.

Poker Flat's Märtini Brös. come up with their "Tracks From The Lab Part 2" soon. In opposite to Part 1, which has been quite dark and hypnotic, this sequel deals with other vibes - "SID" even might be called a 2005 update of what has been called AcidTrance about a decade ago. A 303-to-eternity-line combined with some appreggio string arrangements makes me think of huge areas in which thousands of colorfoul ravers are dancing their fucking ass off. "W.T.U.S" works the dancefloor on a slow groove, feels near to the magic oldskool 120 or below bpm line although it might be faster - this is the one to experience the almighty power of Jack, while B2 "Lovehandles" is more a toolish one although the track delivers a very own experimental version of how to combine acidic sounds and minimalism.

Responsible for 010 of Supersix Records is the unpronouncable (spanish?) project Kondencuotas Pienas delivering a phat fusion of ravey Tekno, massive basslines like taken off a House-tune and pitched up to +12 plus an abstract "Detroit vs. Goa" attitude which I haven't heard since the release of Cooper & I.N.G.O's "Sunrize E.P." almost 12 or 13 years ago. There's more ideas served in that title track "Godd & Dogg" than some producers fit in a whole E.P. . Sascha Müller provides a straighter remix to that tune, too, which has some cool oldskool string breakdowns sounding familiar to all dedicated ravers. Third track to be found is "Night @ Playboy Mansion", a thrilling 'troity Techno workout able to drive a whole club crazy due to the use of one simple vocal sample blowing one's head off. b-a-n-g-i-n'!


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