Monday, October 24, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 15

More stuff from the promo circuit today...

German label Zeitgeist comes up with new remixes of Discoblaster's "Fading" which is a sureshot for lovers of more commercial peaktime ElectroHouse. Yes, sampling Roxette's "Fading Like A Flower" is cheesy but sometimes I even dig stuff like this although I'm not sure when or where to play that out yet. On remix duties we have The Disco Boys and Steve Murano which do by far a better job than the original Discoblaster-tune does.

Another remake of a classic Pop tune is Groove Agents' "Come Back And Stay" out on EDM Music / Zeitgeist. Once again it is love or leave it and nothing in between. I'd recommend to leave the crap B2 "House Mix" alone and rely on the "Club Mix" and "Extended Mix" if you're spinning tunes in a more commercial club environment.

Hamburg-based Audiolith Records have scheduled their 17th release for november 28th, a four tracker by The Dance Inc. named "All Is Lost" which will cause a bit of trouble on ElectroHouse-, Electroclash- and Indie-Dancefloors. A-side tracks "Catpurr" and "Catpurr RMX" as well as "All Is Lost" on B1 are based on a phat pumpin' 4/4-beat with SynthPop-like vox on top, whilst B2-track "For Those Who Sleep On Roads" is more kind of a deep ballad recommended for those who like the melancholic moments of Depeche Mode etc. .

Another fresh label from Hamburg is Rudel Records which are coming up with 001 by Cut'n'Lupuz in early 2006 but have the first whitelabels on the circuit right now. Title track "Fake Democracy", which is also available as bonus instrumental here, fuses Drum'n'Bass and Reggae-like offbeats with political HipHop whilst "Drags Of Economy" presents dark hypnotic HipHop-athmospheres and "Redefined" on B1 spreads big time party vibes for those who still remember that HipHop has been created as music to dance to in its early years - massive guitar samples and bouncy beats to be found here... BAM!


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