Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bunker Records: Stalingrad Vol. 1 & 2

Den Haag's Bunker Records catalogue numbers 3040/3041 reveal two massive pieces of vinyl named "Stalingrad Vol. 1 & 2" - subtitled "Der Krieg - Der Wahnsinn" - dealing with the matter of human suffering at the 1943 Stalingrad battle throughout WWII, which are a must have for all followers of Dark Ambient, Industrial Elektro, Rhythm Industrial, Experimental Techno and Acid. According to Global Darkness both pieces are limited to 200 pieces so I bet they gonna be sold out and regarded as collectors items soon due to their top notch musical quality which one can guess even by reading the full artist roster & tracklistings.


STALINGRAD VOL.1 - Das beste Stahl...

A1 Franck Sarrio - Prelude des Böses
A2 Subliminal Criminal - Frischer, fröliger Krieg
A3 AU - Hinter den Elbe fangt Asien an
A4 Duracel - Sieg oder Bolschewismus

B1 Nimoy - Schönheit gibt's nur im Kampf
B2 Syncom Data - Armee der Leere
B3 Rude 66 - Die Stärke der vernichtenden Schläge
B4 Hank - Endlösung der Menschenfrage


STALINGRAD Vol. 2: Bis am Ende dieser Welt

C1 Orgue Electronique - Die Liebe ist die größte Kraft
C2 Kassen - ...Und der Schnee geduldig
C3 Mr. Clavio - Keine Gnade für die Sechste
C4 DJ Technician vs. Kneues - Schleichen heisst überleben

D1 SWM - Bombenteppich
D2 Leviathan - Der Tag des Urteils
D3 Legowelt - Von Paulus Symphonie in D mineur
D4 Schmerzlabor - Die Truppen marschieren

Although there might be concerns about a use of tracknames inspired by WWII propaganda and slogans used to convince soldiers to persevere on the battlefield I think it's clear - not only 'coze Bunker's comes from a Punk & squat background - that those two records are a total anti-war-orientated statement.


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