Monday, October 23, 2006

Longplay love 34.0

Legendary Rock-outfit The Melvins are about to release their recent longplayer named "A Senile Animal" via Ipecac Recordings on october 20th, which is to be followed by a full European tour in 2007. The album might be called the most complex the band has ever done as they doubled, tripled or even quadrupled every single instrument, voice or track per song which leads not only to a lot of knob-twiddling wizzardry when it comes to studio techniques but also has a massive impact soundwise as the whole thing is more than uber-phat on a good stereo system and even more on heavy audiophile equipment. Apart from all that technical details their music is as great as ever - earthbound, anthemic, classy and thrilling. If you're about to purchase just one like Rock-album this month you'd better check this one before anything else as this is a sure shot.

Hardcore anyone? Then check out Endwell's debut album "Homeland Insecurity" which is to be released via the well-appreciated imprintVictory Records these days. Based in Queens / NYC the bunch of five youngsters - only of them has yet reached the US-legal age of 21 - are walking the path between straightforward Hardcore aggression and catchy choruses with mass appeal - if you want to name it like that - without going Pop for the reason of going Pop due to commercial reasons. This mixture is fresh and explosive and will have a massive impact on both markets - underground stores & college radio stations as well as the more mainstream- and music television-lead audiences. One of the most aspiring upcoming bands to watch out for during the next 12 months - there's a light at the end of the tunnel....

Another one to watch out for is the forthcoming split-album of Mercy Killers / Enemy Rose entitled "...And To Become One" which is piped for November 17th on I Scream Records. Each band serves four tracks here - Mercy Killers are on a more anthemic (No) Wave / Post Punk tip here and provide the better half of this longplayer, whilst Enemy Rose come up with classic Rock-influenced structures which are solid and functional, but yet heard a million times throughout the last decades and due to this not that interesting anymore. But at least 50% of really cool music is a good thing and if the other half is proper music as well - which is the case here - nothing is wrong. Check out.


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