Friday, October 27, 2006

Longplay love 36.0

Up for some proppa Punkrock workout? Then check out the forthcoming album of Darkbuster, which is piped for November 17th on I Scream Records under the name of "A Weakness For Spirits". And true that is - 18 powerful songs with funny titles like "Grandma Was A Nazi", "Whiskey Will" or "Gurley's Cell Phone Number" prove that them guys are not only witty but also lovers of highly percentaged liquids, which might be fitting for more Punkrock bands as well but by far not all of them are that streetwise in mixing up straightforward StreetPunk and other influences like Ska and some banging SkateMetal like e.g. in "Rise Up". Clinch yr fist in the air and dive into that fuckin' moshpit, punk! And btw - them guys are also addicted to myspace...

I Scream Records steps back into history these days and comes up with a re-release of Wrecking Crew's 1989-released album "Balance Of Terror", which was originally put out on Roadrunner-offshot Hawker Records, plus two bonus tracks in their original back in the days versions. The Boston-based band is to be filed under what was called SkateMetal back then - see Suicidal Tendencies, Mucky Pub and the likes of - and to be handled as pioneers of that special style in the Boston-area, powerful, thrilling and agressive, but they - maybe due to their recording techniques and studio options in that era - sound a bit tinny compared to recent bands of today... . Important to collectors and fans of the genre from a historical point of view but not a sureshot for a younger audience which is used to more highend productions these days.

Dirt Crew Recordings are celebrating their 2nd birthday these days alongside their sister label Players Paradise with the release of their first ever 2CD-compilation named "Collection 01" , a selected retrospective of each labels release history plus a fair bunch of seven exclusive tracks to be featured which were written and produced by highly appreciated artists like Adultnapper, Sasse, James Flavour and others. A whole of 20 tracks - unmixed! - is to be found here, all of them sparkling and influenced by the aesthetics of Disco and - yes - 80's Italo sound while musically walking on the edge of being slightly techy and at the same time dedicated to minimalistic House. This special flava is what made dancefloors move since Dirt Crew's zero zero one and will for sure have the same effect in the future, so grab this one if you haven't been collecting all of the labels from day one.


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