Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Longplay love 35.0

Zürich-based band Saalschutz are about to release their new album "...Macht's Möglich" on Hamburg's ZickZack / What's So Funny About - a furious & funny twelve track journey through trash-flavored ElectroPunk/-Clash, some ItaloDisco- and - especially talkin' "Defendin' Disco Dancin'" here - even EuroDance-influences, funny skits, german lyrics and dada'esque humor, an amalgamation of weirdness resulting in heavy party music, anthemic hooklines and pure energy. Maybe a bit too strange for pure homelistening but perfect for alcohol-fueled dancefloors predestined for a live show experience. Watch out for tour dates if you're a fan of Mediengruppe Telekommander and the likes of.

Things they are all changin'. A perfect quote to describe the sound of the new and upcoming "Poker Flat Volume 5 - Bets'n'Bluffs" double CD on Steve Bug's very own imprint which perfectly proves the development within the labels' sound throughout the last year and a bit which grew from ultra-functional, mostly Chicago-influenced track style into a more fragmented, complex and deeper style that, at least at some points, even includes a string arrangements that might be considered close to what's named as NeoTrance these days - see Märtini Brös.' "Spoonful Of Lovin" as example here . While CD1 compiled by Mr. Brügesch himself retrospects the last like 16 singles and features, apart from exclusives of Guido Schneider ft. Florian Schirmacher and Paris-based fresh face Phillipe Autuori, great tunes like Martin Landsky's "Back (Go For The)" - one of Poker Flats best releases in the past year which never left my case since its first day of release - as full unmixed versions it's Martin Landsky's excellent 13-track DJ-mix served on CD2 which adds that bit of extra spice to a good compilation that transforms it into an extraordinary one. Featuring 4 exclusives that are, amongst the 2 delivered on CD 1, to be featured on the forthcoming 2x12" pack his selection of tracks is one of the most thrilling around these days, perfectly reflecting the sound of a proppa night out - deep, dark, hypnotic and trippy. Especially the exclusive collaboration of Steve Bug & Cle entitled "Onehundredandthree Eggs" stands out as the top track of the mix and is more than a good reason to purchase the vinyl edition alongside the CD album. 100% recommended and no bluffs to be found.

Manfred Reckers a.k.a. eVADE is responsible for 024 of Pharmacom Records, which has been released recently under the name of "The Razorback E.P." and serves seven tunes, that can be filed under the flag of nice, chilled Electronica accompanied by a few harsh rhythm structures that keep all tracks away from being too mellow and moody. As it is eVADE's style a bit of like oldskool'ish, retro flavor is to be found here too but isn't it this for what we like him for?


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