Sunday, November 19, 2006

Longplay love 37.0

US-based project cyberCHUMP, consisting of Mark G.E. and Jim Skeel, are about to release their new longplayer "Tone Poems" on Internal Combustion in the nearest future, which is by far one of the best albums based in classical Ambient and Deep Listening music I've come across in the last months. Chilled string arrangements and warm droney sounds are accompanied by sparse, sparkling piano tones, unobtrusive guitars appearing from time to time and a few sounds that seem to be reprocessed, time-stretched wind instruments. A completely beatless journey through ten tracks of pure ambience which is highly recommended. Get yr local dealer to hunt this down for you although this album might be hard to get in Europe as it is not too sure yet if there's a european distributor taking care of it.

Cat.No. 025 of Pharmacom Records in collaboration with Emsland Films is the labels first ever CD + DVD-release under the name of "The Freak", which is a "Swamp Thing"-like B-Movie limited to 100 copies with a soundtrack composed by Manfred Reckers which we all know as eVADE. The Soundtrack featured on the CD consists of a whole of eight tracks, all but one of them to be file under the flag of Electronica / Ambient / Deep Listening music of the dark kind, melancholia-driven sounds in minor chords, epic pictorial soundscapes on minimalistic beat structures and a certain kind of tension that is essential for B-Movie soundtracks. Basicly these eight tracks are the most ambitious of eVADE's work released up to this day and definitely the essence of his musical course. Pick up blindfolded if you're able to get hold of a copy.

A longplayer that is not meant for official release but for the inner circle of the music business like A&R managers, press and DJ's is the "Definitive Recordings - 2006 Electro House Sampler" , a showreel of 10 tracks by the likes of Damon Gee & Olivier Giacomotto, DJ Fadul, Alan Bauer, Carlos Montes and others representing the labels full musical spectrum which covers - from a european point of view - rather TechHouse and darker Progressive with some electroid influences than pure ElectroHouse. But no matter what you call Definitive's sound - which is run in cooperation of John Acquaviva and Mark Quail - in detail, dancefloor functionality and raving crowds are granted. So keep yr eyes open and ask your local dealer about forthcoming Definitive 12"es.


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