Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 48

It’s been a while since the highly appreciated label Exil-System put out their last 12” , but are now they’re back with a new E.P. entitled “Liebes Grüsse aus Ost-Berlin”. The imprint’s cat.no. 004 features a whole of 5 tracks by artists like Kinder Aus Asbest, Die Sympathische Kommunistin, Hits Berlin, VEB Weltklang (remixed by EKSS) and Mono 45/UPM which all deal with a style that once was referred to as Ingenious Dilletantes or Geniale Dilletanten in german language in the very early 80‘s. Trashy, lo-fi synthesizer music mostly programmed on very vintage equipment and accompanied by weirdo vocoder lyrics that hold – at least sometimes – a subtle and not always positive message in their subtext. Defo a specialists and collectors record but recommended to all those with an open mind for leftfield music.

The Austria-based Breakcore / Noize-imprint Hirntrust Grind Media have released cat.no. 005 recently - a onesided, limited to less then 250 copies 7” which features the track “Face Destroy” by Zombieflesheater. Nothing less then around 5 minutes of total destruction are to be found here: distorted and ultra-compressed basslines that are able to send any Drum’n’Bass-producers back to kindergarten, Ambush-style vocal snippets here and there, chopped up highspeed beat structures plus a main room Rave-attitude that kills – no, deletes – every lifeform on the dancefloor within seconds. One of the heaviest Breakcore tunes released in 2006.

2006 comes to an end and the first promos for early 2007 are droppin' in slowly. Scheduled for next year is Hannes Teichmann's "Jäger Remixes" as cat.no. 034 of his very own imprint Festplatten. Sascha Funke, Dave DK and Mr. H. Teichmann on remix duties here, all providing proper funky minimalism with a functional attitude - "disco shit" as one might quote one of the more-than-once-used vocal samples of 2006, which'll work both purist dancefloors as well as more mainstream ElectroHouse / TechHouse crowds (at least this goes for Dave DK's rework) and due to this will be highly appreciated by a wide range of jocks. Defo one to watch out for so ask yr local dealer for pre-orders!


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