Friday, December 01, 2006

Longplay love 38.0

Another "industry-only" longplayer on the circuit these days is the "2006 Tribal-Tekhouse Sampler" of the canadian imprint SAS / South American Sounds which is another label run by John Acquaviva & Mark Quail. As the CD's name suggests all eleven tracks by artists like Mark Alvarado, Alex Bailey, DJ Spot, Stevens Morales and others which are not yet that well-known in Germany yet are deeply dedicated to classic tribalistic House sounds, percussion-driven, often accompanied by typical Latin-elements like hispanic vox, trumpet stabs amd kind of live-feeling background noises that have been working in this specific genre for ages before. At the very best moments the TribalHouse sound fuses with a dark Progressive drive that immediately sets dancefloors on fire, no matter if played out latenight in a regular club event or in Tribal hotspots like Miami, NYC or Ibiza. Seems like SAS / South American Sounds is another label to watch out for in the forthcoming year as there seems to be a lot of quite hot material piped in their release schedule.

Secret Weapon Records have put their "2006 Techno Sampler Vol.2" on the industry circuit recently which showcases the labels current and forthcoming releases by artists like Chris Zimmer, Sascha Müller, Rafael Aujuro and the likes of, covering a spectrum from tool'ish TechHouse-influenced sound to hornybunkerhard Techno via straightforward anthemic tunes that will drive dancefloors crazy. DJ's watch out to catch those tunes on , while A&R's should try to get licensing deals for their next compilations as this is high quality stuff anyway. Licensing contact is once again the canadian Mark Quail.

Sascha Müller comes up with his new album "6teen Years" on his own imprint Super 6 Records these days, which is an excellent ten tracker serving the essence of what might be called Acid, NeoDetroit and Intelligent Pumpin' Techno / House stylewise. Like in most of his productions that refer to the early, golden days of the Techno movement the sounds are a bit ruff and uncut, tracks are pumping, straightforward and his precise use of 303-lines strictly aim to the dancefloor, adding a bit of extra thrill that turns a hype crowd into a megahype crowd totally letting it off. Especially the vocal driven "I Want It" is so totally oldskool that it might be taken for a long forgotten classic instead of a new production, same goes for the technoid "Waveforms" as well as for most of the other tracks that are to be found here. Defo check this longplayer and totally agree upon that this guy is - not only due to his production experience of more than a decade - a phenomenon as there ain't many artists that are able to cover the whole spectrum of electronic music in their tunes and still being upfront in whatever they do release.


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