Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Longplay love 41.0 022 of Super 6 Goodies is Jerzz' "Sistina Sinistra E.P.", a six track E.P. with a running time of approx. 55 minutes - the reason why we handle this as an album here. Musicwise Jerzz deals with dry, mostly minimalistic House / Techno music of a experimental kind that is defo made for advanced dancefloors and long dark afterhours due to their complex structures, except "Kannie Slapen (Sascha Müller Jerzz Is In The House Remix)" which is a raw & pure Acid fueled stomper that fires up every crowd no matter when played out.

Carsten Lehmann a.k.a. Ohrchitekt has put out his recent album "Klappe die 2" on Pharmacom Records recently, which contains a whole of 18 tracks that span a musical range from classical Ambient / Listening to more experimental, Industrial-influenced Electronica and complex, acidic beat-splicing of Aphex'esque nature. All in all excellent stuff for ultra-advanced electronic dancefloors as well as for Rhythm Industrial-proved crowds preferring distorted and fucked up uptempo beats that, at least to non-experienced consumers, might seem a bit abstract or de-structurised, while the head of the old school discovers parallels to Steve Stoll's concept of so-called TechnoJazz which he outlined in legendary releases as "Supernatural" in the late 90's. Recommended!

Nine tracks spread over a total running time of approx. 25 minutes only - this is what to be found on "Lips", the new album of Trencher, the world's first and probably only band being active in a genre they do call Casio Grindcore. To be released on Southern Records on February 9th all tracks of "Lips" hold classic Grindcore elements being topped by the cheap and trashy sound of a toy keyboard, which makes each song sounds like fucked up trash version of "The Munsters" title melody. Weirdo as weirdo music can be and defo a tremendous asset to your album collection. File under: top notch.


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