Monday, January 15, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 52

Vadim Lankov's "Alice's Flashback E.P." is 021 of german imprint Super 6 Goodies which kindly fuses a crisp, mostly minimalistic approach, deep sounds and dry, partly pumping drumbeats which kinda remind me of early works on Ladomat like DJ Enrique's "The Talent E.P.", a sought after example of how well pure dancefloor functionality and experiments in sound get along with eachother. Although this attitude is hardly found to be pressed on vinyl these days, which makes it a bit harder to blend this one into a contemporary club set, "Alice's Flashback E.P." defo holds four tracks all worthy to be played out so give it a try or two and you'll soon love it anyhow.

Mika’s new single named “Relax, Take It Easy” has been put on promo circuit by Casablanca Music recently featuring the original version alongside not less than three reworks by legendary producer Ashley Beedle. Expect – if you can deal with Mika’s vocals anyway -a nice mixture of 80‘s Pop flavored Disco sound, DeepHouse and at least a bit of Italo / Cosmic weirdness. Spaced out stuff that needs special occasions to be played out and won’t fit easily into a regular DJ-set.

A new one on Universal Island Records is Amy Whinehousee’s latest single “Rehab”, a Jazz / Soul-flavored tune – see B3 for the original song – which is remixed by Hot Chip on the A-Side who deliver a typical crossover between classic song structures and their definition of Neo Phusion R’n’B they are loved so much for these days. On the flipside there’s the so-called Ded-Remix, coming up with a bit of 2Step-swing, although not exactly Garage but way more straightforward than the A-side versions. Wanna know more? Check myspace...


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