Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Longplay love 43.0

Netherland-based band / project Labasheeda, mainly consisting of David Jackson, Paolo Panza and Saskia v. d. Giessen, are about to put their new CD "Charity Box" on the circuit within shortest of time, a nine track journey recommended to all lovers of high quality Leftfield / Indie / Alternative Pop music. Melancholia meets electric guitars meets fragile female vox and kinda catchy vibes. Sometimes Labasheeda's sound is not so far away from what happened in the underground structures of the so-called "Hamburger Schule" throughout the late 90's - anyone reading this by chance remembering the various artist compilation "Hamburger Bunker Sampler" from back in the days ? - and revealing the same power, a fresh, energetic, individual sound that is hopefully to stay when the band's about to gain the mainstream attention it surely deserves 'coze they're good. Get that.

All lovers of Post-/ Instrumental Rock are recommended to mark february 16th in their diaries and schedules as the Montreal-based label Constellation Records is about to release the fifth studio album of their most recognised act Do Make Say Think on this specific date. As in their former albums the band once again deals with highly complex structures of layered guitars, multithematic songs and drums / percussion paying attention to details without being artsy or academic. Instead of this the whole of the eight songs featured on "You, You're A History In Rust" are floating around in a vibrant space-time-continuum that agrees upon the use of a main mixing board as additional instrument, playing around with dynamics and presence of single instruments or tracks in the multitrack recording process. Not an easy accessible one but defo recommended to fans of the genre.

D'Stephanie's new album "Droppin' It!" has been released on Belgiums Format Music recently, which is to be filed as melting put of BrokenHouse / Phusion / Westlondon Breaks, Funk-influences, classic House music and a kind of Pop-attitude that well fits for an ambitious grown up audience - no matter if used in a club context to spice up the dancefloor crowd or if referred to as a proper challenging album for home consumption. One thing for sure - be ready to stepp onto new musical terrain while listening to "Droppin' It!" as the crossover-field of Electronic Dance Music and Pop is still a wide one with many white spots on the map. Best tune beatwise - "Freedom Fighter" featuring Philippo.


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