Friday, April 13, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 58

Although yet released in october 2006 the promo of Alphacut Records 005 sat in my postbox only a few days ago waiting for a review. Side A sees Society Suckers & MZE team up for a "Fight" , a massive ultra-ravey Choppage vs. DarkJungle weapon that is surely about to devastate dancefloors and transform a hyper crowd into a mad moshpit. Defo a track that sticks out of the mass of hard, beat-fuckage Drum'n'Bass-whatever related tracks which seem to be so covertible these days as "Fight" is unique due to it's rave signals, athmosphere and of course that funny, swing outro which'll puzzle many jocks. B1 sees Iaka and his tune "Noloop" editing drums to death and losing the dancefloor connection as this, although one might clearly recognize influences by labels like Reinforced, is a pure showcase of technical abilities. Anyway Cycom's "Down The Drain" on B2 does way better again as he delivers a proper, sharp DarkJungle-tune that is well fucked up when it comes to beat science and serves an alienated, sci-fi strings feeling as cold as early Source Direct, Ice Minus or Photek tunes.

Alphacute 001 is a collaborative 7" of Alphacut Records and Sozialistischer Plattenbau named "Pink Ponies versus Blue Bytes" featuring four tracks by Frederik Schikowski, Karl Marx Stadt, Error 23 and LXC. What to expect from that musically ? File under: Nintendo-Gabber, LoFi-Hardcore and nerdy 8Bit-Core for egghead dancefloors. Fuckin' funny, dat. Seen?

Breakbeat Science is back on track and about to release their next 12" in may. Responsible for 025 is Aperture which provides the tunes "Need You Here" and "Sleeping Giant", both to be filed under the flag "classic" - not: dated ! - timeless Drum'n'Bass of the once named "Intelligent" kind well fitting in between Omni Trio's alltime favorite album "The Haunted Science" and labels like Good Looking / Looking Good in their heydays. Not what you'd expect to hear in yr average rave night out but excellent for tiny, intimate full spectrum of Drum'n'Bass clubnights.


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