Friday, April 06, 2007

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 23

Booty Luv's anthemic Vocal-/ DiscoHouse tune "Boogie 2nite" on Hed Kandi / Ministry Of Sound has seen a second, so-called Urban edition 12" which basically means that several producers have put those trademark, stickin'-in-yer-ear-for-ages vocals on top of HipHop-/Urban-related beats by producers like Teddy-O which delivers the best version compared to the awful "R'N B Edit" although there's been no need for these versions at all. For all House-jock's there's still the "DB Boulevard Club Mix" as B2 version here which has been as well featured on the original 12".

Redman's new 12" "Put It Down" taken from his forthcoming album "Red Gone Wild" has been put on promo circuit by Def Jam recently and happens to be a heavy hitter. Straightforward beats are banging as there's nah tomorrow and the master spits as tight as tight can. Nuffink to say nah more - pick that up from yr local recordstore.

Another second edition is the new 12" of Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good" on Universal Music, which - apart from the Original Version - delivers new mixes by the likes of Skeewiff, Ghostface Killah and German HipHop-outlet Fettes Brot (sic!). While both first mentioned artists do stick close to the original in their versions Fettes Brot do add a bit of Reggae-flava and change the whole tracks athmosphere due to these new ingredients. Quality.


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Where can I get the Fettes Brot Version of "You Know I'm No Good" ?

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