Friday, June 08, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 65

Vincent Inc & Overflow are responsible for the "Walk E.P.", which is 030 of Super Six Goodies, serving a bundle of four tracks stylewise to be filed under deep, quite ambient'ish Techno, defo touched by House-orientated grooves and kinda balearic vibes. Recommended to those who still feel the magik of Jaydee's alltime classic "Plastic Dreams" and the legendary compilation "Logic Trance".

All lovers of straight, hard egded Techno should check out Sascha Müller's new release, named "Lots Of Knobs E.P." out on Northbeatz Digital. As all tracks on this four piece are fast, heavy, partly distorted and tool'ish all tracks might be filed under the flag of HardTechno, formerly known as Schranz by many of this styles' followers although this is a term that never existed as a definition for a musical genre. In yer face...

"Stop, Silence" is the title of E-Sound's first release on Super Six Goodies, the labels thirtyfirst release which takes us on a journey back in time, back to the mid-90s, when House was still pumpin' , dreamy and slightly Acid-flavored with some hypnotic 303-lines spiralling into nowhere. Call it retro, call it Hardbag, call it whatever - play that out loud and the dancefloor reaction will prove that the artist is right.


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